Sportfishing trip

Fishing in the best hotspots of Northern Värmland!

Fishing is your main pastime, but you don’t have the time to search for the best hotspots?

  • You don’t know the best hotspots of the region, only known by the locals?
  • You always wanted to return from your holiday with the best stories of monster catches in the most beautiful places?


Then join us on a day trip to go fishing at the best sites! Your wishes guide us to take you to the best locations for the type of fishing you desire.

Our region has it all: big lakes where the giant pike and bass reign, an amazingly clear river where you can find grayling and trout, and the best hidden little lakes where you can see the biggest salmon trouts. As always, it is just a matter of knowing where to go. Would you rather hunt for trout in small streams deep in the woods? No problem either!

“How lovely… Gently floating along the lake on a spacious pontoon looking for the next spot. Great views and a nice sun. The best way to spend a day of fishing!”

That is why we offer this day trip, where we will show all the special locations that will be the highlight of your holiday. If you did not bring any fishing gear, bait or licenses yourself we are more than willing to help you!

Spot-information: if you tell us your favourite way of fishing, we will bring you to a beautiful selection of perfect spots. We drive to these places and point them on a map (the gps-locations will be made available at the end of the trip). After a day of driving, you will have a good and accurate impression of the best options for the rest of your holiday. Obviously we can only take you to a restricted selection of all the beautiful places in the region due to the distance between spots. There is always the possibility of booking several days (not necessarily sequential) if you wish to see more. Contact us to discuss your options.

Are you looking for something really special? Then let us take you to the best 150 meters of salmon fishing in Europe! In Forshaga you can fish for the most beautiful salmon in Scandinavia, on the most salmon-crowded piece of the Klarälven river. Due to strict maintenance and care of this area, it is possible to catch salmon well over one meter in size (even up to 1,20 meter)! At the salmon centre you can rent a sturdy 12 ft two-handed fly fishing rod, and a guide will be appointed to help you master the strong currents safely. Attention: per day there is a maximum of 12 bookings available on the different areas of this part of the river, so reserve plenty of time ahead. Of course you can contact the salmon centre yourself, but with our contacts we can sometimes do a little bit ‘extra’… If you like to learn more about prices and possibilities, then please contact us.

“After a ride on a bumpy forest road we arrive at the river. A great place that we would have never found ourselves, let alone that we would have taken that road getting here…”

This day trip is available for maximum 6 persons. The price for a day trip is SEK 3.400. You only participate with your own group.

If you would like to book or require more information, please mail or call via+31 (0)6 11306861 of +46 (0)72 2214005.