Moosesafari's and outdoor activities
in Mid-Sweden


  • Did you decide on a holiday in middle Sweden, but you did not find that many activities for your family yet?
  • Are most of the information and activities in Swedish and do your children get distracted quickly because of that?
  • Do you want to visit the spots in your area that only few tourists know where to find, so that you will return home with the best stories and memories?

We can help you with your best holiday experience. Meet the extremely rare white moose, catch that fish in the most beautiful location and do things you wouldn’t do that easily at home. In short: enjoy the Swedish outdoor life!

Our activities are especially designed for families with children. Because of our communication in your language, the whole group is involved in the activity, so nobody gets bored quickly.

“You really get the royal treatment! Rawhides’ Guiding will do almost everything to help you and answer your questions. Nothing is too much!”

The region for our activities is known for her beauty; northern Värmland is green, rough and offers beautiful vast woods that are being alternated by mirror lakes and a clear river. The large number of lakes we can choose from to get the best conditions for that day is huge! Whether you like fishing, spinning or trolling, or just want to relax and watch your bobber, all is possible. The roads to these locations are often rough and unclear. A lot of them started out as forestry roads and are sometimes not even charted… That is why we made it possible to get you to these spots comfortably in a rugged terrain vehicle!

And what about all the wildlife? Deer, fox, even bears and wolves can be spotted here. Obviously we cannot overlook the king of Sweden: the mighty moose. We have some very rare specimen of moose in our woods! This region is one of the very few where you can find white moose! That is very special, because you cannot find any region in Scandinavia where there is such a large population of them. Even then it still is hard to find them, because only one in 100.000 moose is white. We know just where to find them and with that knowledge we were able to give a lot of our guests the moose safari of their lives!

“What a joy to receive such a special treatment with your own group. Finally not a dime-in-a-dozen treatment, but a company that stands behind their quality services.”

Meet Rawhides’ Guiding. Besides being a big fan of Sweden and outdoor activities, we are also convinced that a holiday is something you should get the most possible positive energy out of. The rare free time that we have nowadays should be used in the most optimal way. There is just no room for mediocre and often disappointing experiences. That is why we do our utmost to make your and your family’s adventures the best ones possible. After all, that is what we expect ourselves when we are on holiday.

Rawhides’ Guiding is based in Höljes, 20 minutes drive from Syssleback. Höljes is also the start of our activities. We will offer you thé activities to turn your holiday into an adventure to remember.

Are you curious to what we can do for you? Then enjoy this small movie below, look at our activities-page and hopefully we may welcome you very soon. Have a nice holiday!

Note: participation in our activities is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.