Moose and wildlife VIP safari

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A personal VIP-journey through the most beautiful woods of northern Värmland in search of the King of the forest!

  •  Would you like to meet the King of the forest, but you don’t know the hotspots?
  • Are you fed up with watching the road, instead of enjoying the scenery yourself?
  • Are the forest roads too rough to be bouncing all over the road in your own car?
  • You don’t like to be part of a large line of cars on the beaten tracks while paying a lot of money?

Then book an exclusive wildlife / moose safari with us now! Join us on a search for the most beautiful places with the most wildlife, just with you and your family.

“At dusk we go into another small forest road. Just when it’s told that this is the area that white moose are living in, it happens: a white male moose with huge antlers is standing right next to the road, pulling leaves off a birch! These animals are bíg!”

Everybody knows the stories: people that have been visiting Sweden on holiday for years, but have never encountered a moose in the wild. That is definitely not the Scandinavian holiday you expected… Of course you can be lucky while driving on the main road on your way to an attraction, but for the average tourist, the real hotspots in the forest are not that easy to be found…

“We have encountered a whopping nine moose during the trip. But meeting the white moose with her calf was the cherry on the cake”

We feel that a moose-safari should be exactly what the term promises: a réal safari. So no cruising behind a van with seven more cars, while the loud house music of the car in front of you drives you slightly mad. Just you and your own group / family / partner in a nice terrain vehicle being taken to the hard to reach places in the forest that have the most stunning views.

A réal safari is not just simply driving around and looking outside. Receiving information regarding the animals you encounter, getting answers on your questions, and receiving useful tips to use this knowledge on the remainder of your holiday is also a big part. And that in a way that every passenger understands, so that nobody needs to be the translator, and everyone can enjoy the trip in the best way possible. Exactly that is a very big added value compared to a standard ‘merry go round trip’…

Join us on the search for moose, deer, fox, cranes and other wildlife living in the forests of our region. With a little luck you will encounter the most rare of animals living in Scandinavia: the white moose! This completely white (but no albino!) moose only lives in a few places in Scandinavia, and we know exactly where…

“After a lovely night with lots of sightings, we headed back to Sysslebäck. And just 100 meters before the finish, in the middle of a parking lot next to a building, we encounter two huge male moose with giant antlers. Who would have expected that, here in the middle of the village?”

During the trip you will hear about the habits of the inhabitants of the forest in English, German or Dutch, and you will learn about all the quirks of the majestic moose… On occasion we will exit the car to look for tracks and to find out what has been eaten. There will be more than enough opportunities to take pictures of the scenery, the beautiful Värmland sunsets and of course the obligatory shots behind the wheel of the terrain vehicle…

The tours will mainly take place in the evening. Morning trips are available on special request, but please bear in mind that due to the light conditions, these trips start at a very early hour. Departure times are depending on the light and weather conditions, and will be finalized while booking. Departure location is Spistorp 6 in Höljes.

“We see a mother with two calves on a meadow. Slowly we stop, and take a lot of pictures from the car. Because the mother did not feel threatened, it was allright to exit the car gently. The mother looked at us suspiciously, but as soon as she noticed we were staying close to the car, she just continued grazing. What an adventure… “

If you choose to get the maximum out of your holiday, then our safari will be a perfect match! Besides that only your group will be guided in a rugged terrain vehicle, there are also several other benefits in the package:

    • During the trip a small beverage will be offered such as coffee, tea, a soda and a nice snack.
    • At the safari there will be taken photo and video recordings, that will be made available afterwards at no extra charge. No need to worry anymore if you have the right camera with you, and no more fuss about the correct camera settings. Just enjoy the ride!

“Because of all the stories and adventures on the safari, our daughter was really enthousiastic to hold her school presentation on moose. She got a very good grade from her teacher!”

The trip takes about 5 to 5 hours. We will meet and start from our location at Spistorp 6 in Höljes. In the car we have room for max. 6 persons. We only accept one booking per safari, so you will always be just with your own family / group. The costs for this adventure are SEK 3.200. For an extra person we charge SEK 500 extra. Obviously we cannot guarantee that we will encounter moose, but no guests have been let down so far…

The safari can be booked for June, July and August.

If you would like to make a reservation or if you would like more information, you can mail or call via+31 (0)6 11306861 or +46 (0)72 2214005. Because of moose activity and forest road conditions, the safari is available in June, July and August .

Finally a short trailer about eating habits….