About us

Who are we?

Rawhides’ Guiding Company is based in Sysslebäck / Höljes, in the north of the Swedish province of Värmland.

We are fully engaged in developing our outdoor activities in the region. This region is ideally suited for activities of all kinds, from active to relaxing. Nature is fantastic and major tourism has not yet penetrated here. Small-scale shops can still be found in the area, where service and quality are still above quantity. And this qualitative small scale means that we can fulfill every holiday wish. So just contact us if you have any questions. We would like to hear from you!

We at Rawhides’ Guiding Company are pleased that we have been able to welcome many guests in the past period and that we have been able to contribute to their holiday memories.

Good to know: you can also rent one of the cozy cottages at Rawhides’ location on Spistorp 6 in Höljes. For more info check out the website: www.vikinggardcottages.com

Our activities location is:

Spistorp 6

68 065 Höljes, Sweden

That is approx. 21 km north of Sysslebäck, along the 62.

For further contact information, visit our Contact-page.