Attention! Due to personal circumstances there will be no activities organised for the summer of 2021.

Experience a night in Swedish nature as it was intended: all by yourself!

If you are looking for a special adventure, then look no further. How about a full day and night in a very special place at the Klarälven river, far away from the rest of the world? And what if your residence is an extraordinary but very comfy tent, suspended between the trees? Including all the gear you need to prepare a lovely dinner and breakfast on your own camp fire?

In the morning, you will be taken to an astounding place, where you might think that you are alone in the world. Besides the rushing of the river and the whistling of the birds, you will hear absolutely nothing. As soon as you arrive you will see the special tree tent hanging in the forest. This tent has a separate raincover, and if it is not needed, you will be gazing at the night sky, completely safe from biting bugs because of the mosquito mesh….

A stack of wood lies waiting at the fireplace to prepare a nice meal, or just to make things cosy. The big box of food holds more than enough to make it through the night and morning. But you won’t be needing that of course, since you will be catching some fresh trout straight from the river with the fishing rod that is provided…

After a lovely day at the waterside you climb into your tent, where the comfortable sleeping bag lies ready. You can feel the excitement: will you receive a visit from grazing moose or deer tonight, or will all be quiet? In any case, the fresh outdoor air will serve you with a wonderful nights’ sleep. The next morning you restart the smoldering fire to bake some eggs and bacon for breakfast. You gather your belongings and look back on a fantastic adventure.

When you return to our activity area, you will get the chance to take a shower before getting in your own car again to enjoy the rest of your holiday. Will you appreciate the luxury of your cabin or caravan more, or will you miss the peace and quiet and the ultimate outdoor feeling?

Of course this adventure is not for adults only… How often do you get the chance as a parent to make lasting memories together with your kid?

Here are in short the details of this arrangement:

  • One nights’ stay in a comfortable tent, in the middle of the woods at the Klarälven river, suspended between the trees far away from everyone.
  • You will arrive in the morning (time agreed during booking) at our activity area, from where you will be taken to the campsite with our own means of transportation. Your car will be safe at our place.
  • At the campsite there will be a fireplace. Wood, water and a privacy tent with a portable toilet are present. Of course a gas stove and some pans will be available if a fire would not be successful or possible.
  • The tent is equipped with lighting, sleeping mats and spacious, comfortable sleeping bags, that can be zipped together if you wish.
  • We will provide all ingredients for a tasty adventurous dinner, and of course everything for a good breakfast is included.
  • At the arrangement all necessary materials are provided to enjoy some relaxed fishing in the Klarälven, so that you can catch your own trout or grayling for your dinner. Of course also the license is taken care of.
  • You will be picked up the next morning and returned to our activity area. If you desire, you can use our facilities to freshen up or shower.
  • Of course there is a pick-up service and optimal support in case of an emergency.

The cost for this all-in adventurous night is SEK. 2.495 (appr. 240 Euro). Maximum two adults and one child per arrangement.

If you would like to book or require more information, please mail or call via +46 (0)70 566 2436 or +31 (0)6 2121 3346. Please check available times in our agenda to book your wilderness night! We hope to see you soon!