Flyfishing introduction

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Attention! Due to personal circumstances there will be no activities organised for the summer of 2021.

So you are enjoying a wonderful holiday in the most beautiful part of Sweden. You are looking at all the lakes, and the Klarälven river is flowing right in front of you. Some flyfishermen in their waders are throwing their long lines with a tasty fly at the tippet with ease to present their lure to the fish. All these people telling you that it is simply fantastic to fish here are making you a bit curious to what all the excitement is about…

You would love to try a few throws yourself together with your wife and kids, but you just don’t have the skills and experience, let alone all this expensive equipment

Since you are not the only one with this wish, we have created a special afternoon to let you and your family / group have a peak at the wonderful art of flyfishing!

During this introduction afternoon we will teach you all the basic skills you need to go flyfishing in the Klarälven. In the quiet and space of our own property we will explain the knot tying, throwing technique, which type of fly to use, and many more tips, and that of course while enjoying a small beverage…

We have all the equipment necessary for the whole group, so that even the smallest members can participate. Because what is more fun than throwing further and more precise than mom and dad?

“It was just mean that the kids picked up the skills faster than we did! But they had such big fun doing it!”

When we have practised sufficiently, we will take a small walk of appr. 10 minutes from our property to the mighty Klarälven, where we will try our luck. You just might catch a beautiful trout or grayling!

“The card with the most often used knots came in very handy the rest of the holiday”

At the end of the afternoon we will return, filled with the knowledge and skills to venture out by yourself the next time. I am convinced that you will be enthousiastic!

In case you have trouble mastering the throwing technique, we also have a few sets of regular spinning rods. Learning those skills are a bit more easy, ensuring to have fun at the waterside nonetheless.

“What a lovely place to have that close to your house, we are very jealous!”

The cost for this afternoon is SEK. 2.495,- (appr. 250 Euro) for groups up until five persons. For every additional person there is a surplus charge of SEK. 295,- (appr. 30 Euro). Of course the use of materials such as fishing rods, flies and nets, fishing licenses and a tasty beverage are included in the price.

To make sure the afternoon goes smoothly, here is some practical information:

  • Our property is situated appr. 15 kilometres north of Sysslebäck. All services are present on our property, such as toilet and running water.
  • Maximum group size is 10 persons. We only cater to one group per afternoon, ensuring the maximum attention that you would expect on your holiday for your group or family.
  • Activities are from 12.00 to appr. 18.00.
  • You do not need waders to fish at our spot along the river, but you can get wet feet. We therefore advise you to bring an extra pair of shoes or sandals. A fresh pair of clothes may come in handy as well. Since we will be outside the whole afternoon, head cover, a pair of sunglasses (also for safety purposes!) and sunscreen are strongly advised.

If you would like to book or require more information, please mail or call via +46 (0)70 566 2436 or +31 (0)6 2121 3346. Please check available times in our agenda to book your flyfishing afternoon! We hope to see you soon!