Two day bear safari

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Attention! Due to personal circumstances there will be no activities organised for the summer of 2021.

Join us on a two day trip in search of real wild bears!

  • Looking for one of the wildest adventures you can experience in Western Europe?
  • Always wanted to meet a mighty bear or fierce wolverine eye to eye?

Middle of Sweden is filled with wildlife: Moose, deer, fox and badgers, but you can also meet the big, bad boys… Wolf, wolverine, lynx and even bears roam these woods. Meeting them on a casual walk through the woods is very rare because of all the human sounds and smells, but we offer a fantastic opportunity to see them anyway!

Coöperating with a local guide, who manages a beautiful equipped spotters cabin in the middle of the forest, we can offer a wonderful two day trip that will be the  highlight of your holiday.

“At first I looked up to the long ride, but we encountered so much beauty that I lost all track of time. Before I knew it we already arrived at the cabin..”

During this trip you will be fully accommodated. A luxury terrain vehicle will bring you to the spotters cabin via the most beautiful roads and scenery, situated appr. 200 kilometres further north. The journey alone is very worthwhile: Forest, wild flowing rivers and beautiful mountain vistas follow each other in rapid pace. Beside moose and deer, we can even encounter reindeer on the high plains that we pass! On the way back we even visit the highest waterfall of Sweden, so that we can admire it while taking a lovely walk. After this walk and a small snack at Fulufjället national park visitor’s center, we descend via Norway and her beautiful rivers and signature houses with grass roofs back to Sysslebäck.

“When I thought of bears in Europe, I always thought this to be a much smaller version of the American bears you see on TV. Man, how surprised was I when I saw the first one that night! They are huge!!”

Food and drinks is all taken care of. We leave Sysslebäck at the end of the morning. A little later we enjoy a small lunch, and continue our way to arrive at appr. 17.00 at the spotters cabin. There we will have a bread meal in order to start looking for the big game after (and during) dinner… Since it hardly gets dark in the summertime, there is a very big chance to see something snooping around, and there will be ideal conditions to make great pictures of these scenes.

“We were just one hour in the cabin, when the first bear already passed by. A proud mother with two cubs, and that in full daylight! My husband, an avid photographer, could hardly temper his enthousiasm, and almost wanted to shout for joy.”

We have bunk beds in the cabin, so while one of us is on the lookout, the other ones can rest. The view from the cabin is very wide, so when something arrives there will be plenty of time to warn everyone resting. In that way nobody will miss the spectacle, and can everybody enjoy the majestic view of all the predators inhabiting this forest. I can assure you that you will be very impressed if you see real wild bears walking around that close to you….

“What a beautiful show to see these foxes dancing around the bears. All that risk to obtain some food, while keeping a respectable distance from these bears.”

After a night of watching, a sturdy breakfast will be ready for you the next morning, including some nice fried eggs and bacon. Just hope that the bears won’t be attracted to the smell…. As soon as everybody has packed, we will leave the cabin around 9 in order to start the journey back. As said earlier we will pass the Njupeskär waterfall, which you can visit via a wonderful walk. You can also visit the visitor’s center, where you will learn all about the history of the area. Once we caught our breath with a nice cup of coffee or another drink, we will pass Norway on our way back home, where we will arrive at the end of the afternoon.

“At first I thought I saw a big marter, but then it appeared to be a wolverine. They move so supple, and are so alert!”

Of course you will think: ‘I already have a nice cabin / stuga for this holiday. Why would I have that standing vacant for one night?’ Well, I can guarantee you that you will remember this trip for many years to come. And be honest, when will you ever have the occasion again to meet bears up-close on such a short distance away? Do you really want to pass this opportunity?

The cost for this fully catered two day trip is SEK. 4.750,- (appr. EUR 475,-) per person for the first two persons. It will be a lot less expensive very quick when booking for more people: For children younger than 15 years old you will pay SEK. 450,- (appr. EUR 45,-) extra with a maximum of one child per adult. For the third child there will be a surplus charge of SEK. 1.100,- (appr. EUR 110,-). For an extra adult the surplus charge will be SEK. 1.750,- (appr. EUR 175,-). Example: A family consisting of two adults and two children younger than 15 years old will pay SEK. 10.400,- (appr. EUR 1.050,-). A family of two adults and three children younger than 15 years old will pay SEK. 11.500,- (appr. EUR 1.150,-). A group of four adults will pay SEK. 13.000,- (appr. EUR 1.300,-). The maximum number of people that can join is four adults or two adults and three children. If provided with own transportation, larger groups up to nine people are possible. That would be a lot cheaper, since we then can hire the complete cabin for our own group. For further pricing, availability or information you can contact us via mail or via +31 (0)6 2121 3346 or +46 (0)70 566 2436.

“The trip was worth every penny! We would have never expected to experience something like this on a European holiday!”

The cabin has a central gas heater and a chemical toilet, but no electricity or running water. In order to reach the cabin, we will have to make a light walk of appr. one kilometre. Please take this information into consideration when packing for the stay.

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