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Rawhides’ Guiding Company is based in Sysslebäck / Höljes, in the north of the Swedish province of Värmland.

We are constantly developing activities in the region. This region is perfectly fit for all sorts of activities, both active and relaxing. Nature here is simply wonderful, and big tourism hasn’t found its way up here yet. You can still find small authentic shops, where service and quality are the top priority. This small-scale quality makes that we can fulfill any holiday wish. So just contact us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you!

As founder of Rawhides’ Guiding Company I am very thankful to have welcomed many guests in the last ten years, and that I was able to contribute to their holiday memories. However, in the coming future I will be focused on my new restaurant in Sysslebäck, where we will offer good food in a cosy environment for the whole family. This means that I cannot spend any more time on the activities and the guests, who only deserve the best.

Therefore I am very glad that Cees and Nelly will continue the activities from their location at Spistorp in Höljes, less than three kilometres from our ‘old’ location! It goes without saying that I have transferred all my knowledge to ensure that the trusted quality will be offered at the highest level in the future, and I have the utmost confidence that this enthousiastic and energetic couple will succeed in that!

Our activities location is:

Spistorp 6

68 065 Höljes, Sweden

That is appr. 21 km north of Sysslebäck, along the 62.

For further contact information, visit our Contact-page.