Axe and Arrow afternoon

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Have a wonderful and educational afternoon filled with fun activities for the whole family!

  • Are there very little family activities to do at your accommodation?
  • You do not wish to spend a lot of time in the car searching for something to do?
  • Do you and your family like adventurous outdoor activities?

Then go ahead and book an Axe and Arrow afternoon!

During this afternoon you will get familiarized with several fun activities, such as learning to shoot a traditional wooden bow, throwing a tomahawk/throwing axe, making fire the primitive way, baking your own sausages over a log fire, and tracking moose and other wildlife.

“Since our 5-year old son is easily distracted, we thought he would have some trouble with the activities, but the afternoon was great! The instructor knew how to keep his attention, and together they even managed to get a few arrows right on target!”

You will be welcomed at our own enclosed property and invited to participate in activities that you will not find in the big city…

Feel like a real traditional hunter: learn to handle an old traditional wooden bow and arrow! Accompanied by our instructor, you will learn the skills and secrets of the art of archery. Because we have different strengths of bows we can help anybody big or small, strong or weak, to enjoy the rush of shooting a bow! We also have two special hunting bows that will fit perfectly for even the smallest kids!

Play just like the lumberjacks: enter a competition in axe throwing just like the real woodsmen! Learn how to ‘stick’ your axe in a wooden target in a safe way. The sound of an axe hitting a wooden target is unforgettable… We own several sizes of axes, so everybody can experience the feeling to throw like a tough lumberjack!

Search for moose, deer and fox: make a short walk around the property to find the tracks of the King of the forest and his subjects! Learn how to recognize tracks, know what the animals are eating (and pooping…) and learn the sounds they make. Who knows what we will encounter if the tracks are fresh enough…

Build your own log fire: use a firestick and some moss to make your very own fire! Make your small flames into a nice log fire, which we then will use to prepare our food…

Grill your own meat: to end the afternoon, we will enjoy your own grilled hamburger or sausage together with some delicious salads.

We will also have some other things to do, which we will keep secret for now. But we are convinced that you will be tired after this fun-filled afternoon…

Practical information:

  • Our property is situated appr. 21 kilometres north of Sysslebäck. On our property all services are present, such as toilet and running water, and a fridge and microwave to store and prepare food you might have brought yourself. Of course all necessary equipment for the activities is present as well.
  • Beverages and grilling is included in the price. During our activities no alcohol is allowed, only during the meal afterwards.
  • Maximum group size is 10 persons. Only one group per afternoon, ensuring that your group / family will receive the maximum attention that you deserve on your holiday.
  • Instructions will be in English. If necessary we also speak Dutch or German, so everything will happen in a safe and understandable way.
  • We have shelter in case of bad weather. Of course we cannot perform all activities under a roof, so bring rain clothes or a fresh batch of clothes just to be sure.
  • The activity will take place from 13.00 to appr. 17.00.
  • The price is SEK 2.895 (appr. Euro 290) for families or groups up until 5 persons. For every additional person there is a surplus charge of SEK 500 (appr. Euro 50). Please let us know during booking how many persons will be attending, and whether there are special requests regarding food and drink, so that we can do our best to comply. For example, you could be choosing for a more luxury meal, or discuss the possibilities of fish or vegetarian food.

If you would like more information, please mail or call via+31 (0)6 11306861 or +46 (0)72 2214005. Look in our agenda for availability to book your Axe and Arrow afternoon!